Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Loom Knitting

Yeah! I have found a way to knit without knitting! I received a knitting loom for Valentine's Day and I've been having such fun with it. So much so, that I've researched and found a sock knitting loom.

The sock looms are made by Decor Accents. They are round and come in 2 gauges: fine gauge(FG) or extra fine gauge(EFG). The FG is for DK weight yarn with 4.5 to 5.5 sts per inch, while the EFG is for sock weight yarn with 7 to 8 sts per inch.

Each loom is made with a fixed # of pegs (or sts), such as 64, 72. My mathematician background kicked in . . . I measured the circumference of my foot and multiplied by 8. Then I checked my sock books for the # of sts for a Woman's size. Armed with all of this information, I ordered a 72 peg round EFG loom.

When the loom arrived, I eagerly set to work on my first sock. I chose a pattern that had a slight texture, but could still be considered "easy". To be sure there were errors in that sock, but I totally enjoyed the knitting. The stitches to close the toe were still warm when I slipped it on my foot.

The sock was too big! I should have read the fine print. Socks should be snug and should contain 10 to 15% negative ease. In essence, my loom was too big.

What next? Stay tuned


loopy1 said...

I'm trying to find a way to contact you about your Bobble Diamonds Afghan design. I need to make it wider and don't know how to figure the multiple. I don't want to publish my email addy and hope you get it with this comment. If not, I'll be watching the blog for a comment from you. Thanks very much.

Patsy Harbor said...

I'm glad you are working on the Bobbled Diamonds! The multiple for the diamonds is 13 plus 3 for the "valley" in between, so add 16 for each new diamond section. I'd love to see a picture of it when you are finished!