Tuesday, October 28, 2008

House of Tadpoles

Just a little update on the tadpoles . . . they eat shredded lettuce, just a pinch, once a week. They are thriving although none have legs yet.

We offered a few to our neighbor. She is a teacher and spread the word among the other teachers at school. This morning I made a delivery of two cupsful (or is that cupfuls?) to our elementary school. While delivering birthday greetings to K's teacher, I received an order for another cupful. You've heard the saying "it takes a village", well it takes two little girls to catch a cupful of tadpoles!

And speaking of little girls . . . MM turned 8 on Sunday.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stitchin' to the Pitchin'

I'm a sports fan, no doubt about it. Football (college and professional), college basketball, baseball, tennis . . . I love them all. Some sports are more conducive to stitchin' than others. Sports that are bound by a time clock are more difficult for me to relax and stitch.

Which brings me to BASEBALL! Specifically, Tampa Bay Rays! Baseball has no time limitations. While the team can get into some mighty tight situations, it's not a game of hurry-up-before-the-clock-runs-down.

Last night was Game 1 of the World Series. In preparation, I did a mental survey of possible projects. The knit top is going well, but knit is still too much like work for me, so that was not a good option. Crochet is my natural habitat, and I needed to be comfortable to enjoy this first-ever franchise World Series game.

I'm in between crochet projects, so whatever the choice it would be started anew. And it needed to be a project that is up there on the pleasure scale with chocolate. That left only one choice . . . socks. Oh, how I love socks!

I've had a ball of Berroco Sox for a few weeks. Last night was the time to break open that wrapper and begin. My hands were itchin', striping danced in my head.

The Phillies pitched and the Rays struck out. I started a top-down sock. The Phillies pitched some more and the Rays struck out some more. I stitched on. The colors were developing nicely, yet unexpectedly in the sock, but I was ok with it.

The Phillies pitched some more and the Rays grounded into double plays. I kept stitchin'.

Close to midnight, the Rays came up short by one run. But I have the cuff and the heel flap done!

And I'm ready for tonight's Game 2. By midnight tonight, I hope the Rays will have a win and I'll have a completed sock!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Still Ripping

I'm still working on the new top and still ripping out mistakes. I think I've worked out some problems with side decreases in this latest rip-out session and I'm happy with it so far. The yarn is Gedifra Mayra in a mauve color (oh so gorgeous!)

On a crochet note, I'm finishing up the pattern instructions for my last design, and I'm working on models for my upcoming classes--the hairpin lace shawl, crocheted socks and a Christmas Stocking.

And . . . there are always design ideas simmering.

Monday, October 20, 2008

At It Again

Fueled by my success with the red top, I started on another top using the same pattern. A crochet teacher once told me to make the same pattern 3 times. I followed her advice early on and saw the wisdom in those instructions.

The second time is easier, but I am still not flying through with no mistakes. In fact, I've taken out 2 inches, knitted it back up to 3.5 inches, ripped out 2 rows (twice) . . .

But, I'm enjoying it. The color is gorgeous and the yarn feels soft and pliable. I love smoothing my hand over the part that I've done and imagining how it will feel draped around me, or how pretty I'll feel wearing it when it's all done.

And I'm already planning what yarn I'll use for #3!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Knit Top

I have been working on a knitted top and it's finally done! I would like to say that I sailed right through this project, but I didn't. I haven't knitted a garment since 1971. I ripped many, many rows outs, dropped stitches, and completely ripped one sleeve out. In addition, I learned to knit using the Continental style. So, this top is an accomplishment on many fronts!

I used SWTC Bamboo yarn and a free pattern, the Shapely Tank Top (with the sleeve option), that I found on the White Lies Designs website:

Sunday, October 5, 2008


We all have colors that we are drawn to and those that repel us. Some like garments that are open and airy, while others like those that are dense. Our neighbor might like classic lines while we adore anything out of the norm.

Each of us has an innate sense of style and when we see something in "our" style, we have an immediate gut reaction. Yesterday, I was at Fiber Art and someone asked me to help with an afghan pattern. My first reaction to the picture was "Wow, I wish I'd designed that!" There was that immediate connection to my own sense of style.

When you are choosing a project to work on, don't ignore your own sense of style. Trust those inner reactions to color and construction. After all, creating something is fun, but above all, it is deeply satisfying.