Friday, October 7, 2011

Photo Friday

Remember those socks I started a few weeks ago -- the ones with the cheery colors? 

I was searching through some of my sock patterns and found one that caught my eye. It's from Ann Budd's Getting Started Knitting Socks, the Chevron Lace Socks.  The yarn used for the pair in the book is described as space-dyed. Ann states that "in many cases, space-dyed yarns obscure stitch patterns, but here the color changes help to define the peaks and valleys of the chevrons" (pg. 116).

What drew me to the yarn in the first place was the jumble of the greens, blues and yellows. The stockinette pattern above resulted in definite stripes that didn't resemble the yarn while in its skein, and, in my opinion, didn't really bring out the true personality of the yarn.

I tried the Chevron Lace Sock pattern and the result is EXACTLY what I wanted for that type of yarn. Now when I look at the yarn, I see a jumble of greens, blues and yellows, and the yarn can truly strut its stuff.

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