Sunday, November 16, 2008

More Socks

Not since I met my husband 25 years ago have I fallen in love with something as much as I love socks (ok, maybe, just maybe there are 2 exceptions to that--MM & K).

I finished the World Series socks and there has been a void in my life for a few days. Last night I started a new pair in San Francisco, color # 206. The picture on the band shows a distinct striping pattern. But one of the things I love about crocheted socks is that the striping pattern develops differently. This means that there is ALWAYS a surprise in store for me and that the pure pleasure I get from seeing the project grow is magnified.

Back to that striping pattern . . . I'm not adverse to stripes; they just don't stir my inner sense of beauty. I would describe the pattern that develops as "mottled." Definitely variegated. The colors play and mix together rather than lining up straight as an arrow, shouting "I am purple" while another shouts "I am grey." They just seem to be more in harmony with one another.

And harmony makes me smile.

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