Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Book Review: Crocheted Socks

What do I look for when buying a book? Obviously, lots of great designs! But, I also look for a book that packs a lot of information. Crocheted Socks! by Jane Rehfeldt and Mary Jane Wood does just that.

The first section of the book discusses yarn choices, tools that you will need (or . . . what I love . . . tools that are not necessary but can make your work easier or more convenient), the all-too-important sock construction (or sock anatomy, as I like to call it), a discussion on making custom-fitted socks, and a thorough explanation (complete with diagrams) of stitches.

There are 16 patterns in the book, and they range from a basic sock to dressy and/or elegant socks to just plain fun socks. There are toe-up sock patterns and top-down patterns.

But what really excites me about this book is the variety of stitches and stitch patterns that are employed. I chose the Ribbed Hiker. The leg is a stretchy ribbing created by FPdc and BPdc. But the foot is where I took total delight; the pattern calls for a split single crochet (ssc). It took some practice before I got the correct tension, but the result is fabulous. It has the look and feel of stockinette stitch.

I think this book has a place on any crocheter's shelf, whether you are a novice or experienced.

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