Wednesday, February 18, 2009

T-Shirt Rug

I received my copy of Crochet World in the mail and here is a better picture of the rug. This photo is in Crochet World, April 2009 issue.

I have given blood over the years and received a t-shirt each time for my donation. All of the t-shirts were an XL size (way to big for me)! I've slept in them, and painted in them, but it was time to make room for other clothes. Cutting them into strips and crocheting them into a rug was a great way to recycle them.

I love the way the logos or pictures on the shirts are filtered through the rug. After I finished crocheting the interior of the rug, I got out my scrap bag to see which colors would look best for the surface stripes and the first row of the edging.

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