Friday, May 14, 2010

Tools of the Trade

How do you keep track of your WIPs? How do you know which row in a 4-row repeating pattern that you worked right before you answered that phone call? Or how do you keep up with the number of stitches you should have after each decrease row when shaping armholes?

I recently bought an iPad.  BTiP (before the iPad), I used slips of paper, spiral notebooks, sticky notes, etc to keep up with all the details of my project.  And they all worked well for me until . . .  I found the app for the iPhone and the iPad called KnitMinder.

KnitMinder allows me to put in all the pertinent details about my project (yarn, hook/needle size).  It includes a logbook that is helpful to make notes (got to make sure I work the back and the front the same).

But my favorite tool in KnitMinder are the Counters. Yes, that's counters, as in more than one.  I've used a row counter, a pattern-row counter, and a decrease-row counter--all while working one project. All with the touch of my finger. To advance a counter, simply touch the number.

KnitMinder saves the information so that when I put my project away for the day, all of the data is there for me the next day when I start again.

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