Monday, May 31, 2010

All About Tunisian Crochet

Tunisian Crochet has facinated me for a long time.  I love the "look" of Tunisian fabric.  I love the possibilities that it opens up for projects. And . . . I love the process of Tunisian!

Tunisian crochet (also called Afghan stitch) might not be as well known to you as traditional crochet.  The following is list of resources and tutorials about Tunisian crochet:

In addition to the tutorials listed above, I found several experts on Tunisian.

Enjoy checking out these links.  Which is your favorite?  Share your experiences with this great technique.


Sharon Silverman said...

Thanks for sharing Tunisian information with others, and for including my book and website in your recommended resources. My new book will be out in December--ten of the twenty projects are Tunisian.

Cheers, Sharon

Patsy Harbor said...

That's great news! Congratulations on the new book! I look forward to seeing the new patterns.