Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gauged Graph Paper

One more thing I learned at Chain Link 2011 . . .

Again, from Lily Chin (yes, you are the master!) I learned how to use gauged graph paper.  I knew it existed and I have even searched for it on the internet and printed out a few pages.

And I've used the standard grid graph paper for all sorts of things--graphing out color work, stitch patterns, and shaping for necklines and armholes in pattern grading. The last was to verify mathematical calculations for increases and decreases, but didn't mimic the actual shape of the item.

First, I swatched (we all do, don't we?!). Then I measured my gauge on that swatch. Next, I took out my notes and went to the first website Lily had mentioned ( and entered the # of rows and stitches over 4" in my swatch.  This website creates a pdf file with the grids. I printed a few pages, but I also saved the pdf for future use. 

The project I'm working on requires quite a bit of shaping, both increasing and decreasing. I took out a colored pencil and set to work. This first picture shows my 1st attempt with the stitch pattern and the increasing.

That worked pretty well, but I wondered what would happen if I stitched the item in a different direction.  I have a template of the shape. After I graphed out the stitch pattern, I put the template on the grids and traced around it. As you can see in this picture, I've got some major problems!

Today, I went back to the drawing board, printed out more pages of the graph paper (so glad I had saved that file!). I taped several together, and traced the entire template and started over, plotting out the increases and decreases. This graph helped me realize that I needed a double increase on some rows. After I had plotted out about 30 rows, I began to swatch again, testing my graph. I am also able to put the swatch on the graph paper to make sure the shaping and sizing actually does what I want it too.

Now I am a happy stitcher . . .

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April Garwood said...

Fantastic planning and preparation! Don't forget to grow your tumors and pop your zits ;)