Monday, October 20, 2008

At It Again

Fueled by my success with the red top, I started on another top using the same pattern. A crochet teacher once told me to make the same pattern 3 times. I followed her advice early on and saw the wisdom in those instructions.

The second time is easier, but I am still not flying through with no mistakes. In fact, I've taken out 2 inches, knitted it back up to 3.5 inches, ripped out 2 rows (twice) . . .

But, I'm enjoying it. The color is gorgeous and the yarn feels soft and pliable. I love smoothing my hand over the part that I've done and imagining how it will feel draped around me, or how pretty I'll feel wearing it when it's all done.

And I'm already planning what yarn I'll use for #3!

1 comment:

pjrobs said...

You are amazing! Everything looks so pretty. Good to hear about the fam -

Miss you lots,