Friday, January 9, 2009

It's Been A While

The holiday season was very nice, but I can't say that it was relaxing for me. I worked on proposals for reviews that were due in early January. I had set new goals for 2009 and I wanted to submit to additional markets, and to increase the number of proposals for each review. I was able to reach those goals for this first batch of submissions, so now I am waiting . . . patiently.

We traveled the day after Christmas to meet up with family. MM & K were so excited to see their cousins (who are growing up way to fast!) We were happy to see siblings and parents.

Santa brought K an Easy Bake oven and we have been baking every afternoon after school. Yummy!

The Florida Gators won the national championship in football last night! Funny how something that you have nothing to do with (i.e., the outcome of the game) can make you feel so-o-o-o good or so-o-o-o-o bad.

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CD McLean said...

Hey Patsy! It's CD. I loved the sock class you taught yesterday and am busy working on my socks for this coming Saturday! My husband was so impressed with them that he wants a pair. 8-)