Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Loom Knitting Pros and Cons

Was this venture into a new area worthwhile? I'd say a hearty Yes, but there are some issues to consider.

The Process

I enjoy the process of knitting on the loom. The knit stitch is easy, the purl stitch requires slightly more effort, but is not taxing. I'm working on a sock now for my husband that is a simple stitch pattern--a K3, P1 rib--and that allows me to get into a nice rhythm that makes the work satisfying.

As with any project, the more complex the stitch patterning, the more attention is required during the knitting.

The Equipment

Both looms are well-made and beautiful pieces of equipment. The adjustable loom is rectangular and I've found that it is not as easy to get into that "flow" as with the round loom. There is a small section of the adjustable loom that I find somewhat difficult to get the knitting tool into to make the stitches and that interrupts my pleasure.

But the adjustable loom provides flexibility to make socks of different sizes as well as socks with stitch patterns other than multiples of 4 (i.e., 6-st, 10-st, 12-st).

The Conclusion

If your sock-knitting will be limited to one size, I'd get the round loom. If your sock-knitting will be limited to two sizes (perhaps husband and wife), I'd get two round looms, one for each size.

If you feel adventure calling, and you plan to make socks for any and all, if you plan to make socks simple and sophisticated, I'd get the adjustable loom.

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