Friday, September 18, 2009

Tunisian Crochet

I have been facinated with Tunisian crochet for several years. I love doing it and I love the end result. It is a small niche within crochet and it has been hard to find a wide array of books on the technique. Stitch bibles and encyclopedias usually carry a chapter or section on Tunisian, but the information only whets my whistle.

A new book has been published on this fun technique: Tunisian Crochet: The look of Knitting with the ease of Crocheting by Sharon Hernes Silverman. This book is a great reference for someone who is new to Tunisian as well as those of us who have loved it for some time. The first section of the book is a How To that includes pictures of the stitches being made and where to place the hook for the various stitches. It also includes information on decreasing.

The next section is a project gallery. These projects range from home decor to clothing. The variety of projects provides lots of opportunities to practice and hone your skills. The pattern instructions are well-written and easy to understand.

There are other great books and booklets that are available on Tunisian, but this book is the most complete and comprehensive book I've found for someone who is interested in learning and developing this technique--a one-stop-shopping book.

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Sharon Silverman said...

Thanks for your review, Patsy, I'm glad you like the book. I went crazy over Tunisian as soon as I found it in a stitch dictionary. So fast! So much fun! Such a variety of looks! Many patterns were for afghans or other rectangular items, so it seemed that there was a need for garment designs.

I'm working on two other books now, and each will have some Tunisian items. I also plan to add some Tunisian patterns to my website this fall. I've also discovered other designers who have created wonderful Tunisian patterns.

Thanks again! I hope you make some of the things in the book and will post photos. Cheers, Sharon Silverman