Friday, August 5, 2011

Do we really need to plan?

There seem to be (at least) 2 kinds of designers -- organic and planners.  During Lily Chin's workshops at Chain Link 2011, she emphasized the benefits of planning before stitching, one being the loss of time due to stitching, stitching, stitching only to find out that all of that stitching was done in vain.  During those workshops, I nodded my head in agreement because I am a planner, especially a visual planner.  I make drawings, I make notes, I use software to plot out "things", and being a lover-of-all-things-math, I calculate until the cows come home.

Yesterday, I received a model back with notes about adjustments that need to be made. Of course, I am mortified that I have turned in a project that has to be "adjusted".  That certainly goes against the advice that Margaret Hubert gave us on Professional Development Day-quality.

So, what happened.  There are no excuses, but there are reasons--the children are home for the summer, my father-in-law was visiting and I was enjoying having time with him, I was getting ready for Chain Link . . .

But the main reason is that I didn't take time to review the design between proposal and stitching. I jumped in because I loved the colors that the editor picked, I loved the design and I couldn't wait to see it materialize.

Now what? I have spent the morning with my software working out the adjustments. The result will be a much better product, one I think the editor will be pleased with.

And Lily, I'm still nodding my head in agreement.

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