Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What's On the Hook/Needles Today?

I do have lots of crochet projects on the hook, but none that I can tell you about. So . . .

I am a confessed “sockaholic”, and I always have a pair of socks in play.  I was thumbing through one of my stitch dictionaries and saw a swatch that called to me for a sock (a knitted sock). I like to make socks from the toe-up, 2-at-a-time. I selected a colorful yarn—Tofutsies (lots of green, yellow and blue; quite cheerful) and started working on the toes.  I was quite excited when the toes were done and it was time to start the pattern on the instep. 
                Knit, knit, knit . . . . purl, purl, purl

                                Round and round I went . . . .

Do you see the lovely pattern stitch?

Me either.

All I see are the stripes.

Hmmm, beautiful yarn, but I must go back to the drawing board and find a stitch pattern that will let the stripes strut their stuff (why do all that work and not have it show up?). AND, I must look around my yarn cubicle for a solid or less-self-striping yarn for the stitch pattern that I am dreaming of.

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