Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Lull

I've just finished one project and taken it to the post office. I still have to make some revisions to the pattern before I e-mail it.

So, what is next . . .? I always have a period of aimlessness between projects.  My mind races through ideas and my hands wander over my stash of yarn.  I don't know if I am waiting for a yarn to speak to  me, or if I'm just feeling the freedom to go out with others.  This lull can be frustrating rather than liberating. I am eager to get on with the next thing, whatever that next thing might be.

In the meantime, I'm putting away all of the materials related to the last project, cleaning up my work area (putting all of my stray stitch markers back into their box, putting away balls of yarn that served as a diversion during my "down" time), and trying to get my desk cleaned off so I can digest all of the information that I brought back from Chain Link.

A few cool things I've noticed on the internet . . .

April Garwood of Banana Moon Studio has posted pictures of skirts that she made for her girls. Adorable!

Ellen Gormley of Go Crochet! has posted pictures from the fashion show on Saturday night at Chain Link. She and Haley Zimm both looked outstanding!

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April Garwood said...

Thanks for the mention! :)