Thursday, July 19, 2012

Developing Ideas

I'm still swatching and sketching for proposals. Most of the time that process is exhilarating, but yesterday was discouraging.

I woke up with ideas dancing in my head. I grabbed for the sketchpad and captured them before they danced away. Then I started to swatch, and that was the 1st discouraging part. The images in my head were so clear, but nothing that I tried with yarn and hook came close to them.

In and of itself, that is discouraging, but then 2 little heads popped around the doorframe and wanted to eat (gee whiz, I fed them yesterday!?). And during lunch, they had smiles and expectant looks on their faces when they asked "Mama, what are we going to do today?".  They've been good; they've been patient with my work, but gosh-darn-it, the ideas were begging to be born. The 2nd discouraging part.

Next comes the balancing act, the dilema of any person who works at home. Work hours aren't well defined, at least not in the summer when there is no school. I find that the stitching of a project is more easily scheduled around children and housekeeping. I've usually worked out details and counts before I start so the actual stitching is just execution.

But design requires thinking, pondering, stitching, ripping, stitching some more. And there is an urgency about it; I'm driven until I have that design nailed. Stopping before it has been born is frustrating, and I fear that I'll lose it.

Yesterday, I stopped. It was raining and the car is in the shop. The girls needed . . . me. So, we watched some episodes of Factory Made on the Science channel and had a good time learning.

Ahh, but today is another day.  I'm off to hunt for that design  . . .

Happy Stitchin'

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