Monday, July 9, 2012

Professional Development Day @ Chain Link 2012

Most of my local friends and my family don't crochet or knit. They dutifully ask how the conference was "Oh, you went to that crochet thing." They nod their heads when I describe the classes and the shopping -- even the fashion show. But I always get blank looks when I mention Professional Development Day (PDD). The implication being that "how can you possibly be a professional" (that's something my grandmother did) or "how much could there be to learn about crochet".

The truth is that crochet and knit are my business, and when you think along those lines, there is a whole lot to learn about running a crochet and/or knit business.

This year, the program centered on a New Professional who had "help" from a series of experts on topics that ranged from, submitting proposals, an editor's critique of those proposals, working with contract crocheters (those who can stitch a sample or model for you), working with tech editors (those who review your pattern for accuracy and clarity), to self-publishing issues.

The professionals in the room also ranged from designers (like me) to contract crocheters and tech editors and those who teach at the local and national level. Many of the speakers wore more than one hat -- there were those who were teachers and designers; and designers who published in magazines and books as well as self-published. 

While this was my 3rd PDD, I still found information that was new to me, or relevant to me as my career has grown.

As with any other business owner, I take time to set goals for my business; to think about the direction that I want to grow my business, as well as how to market my designs and myself.

Tomorrow, I'll talk a little about what makes me a professional . . . .

Happy Stitching!

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